Users can exchange their tokens with each other in a decentralized way without intermediaries.


In this section, users can swap Bep-20 tokens directly with each other in a decentralized way (Acrux runs on Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin). In the exchange, the fee can be considered the lowest relative to other exchanges based on the benefits that are given to the individual.
Trading Fees: 0.3%
Trading Fees Distribution
Treasury ecosystem: 0.02%
LP Providers: 0.24%
ACX Owners: 0.02%
Total backup fund: 0.02%


The possibility of currency exchange between different networks is provided.

Futures Trading

Users can make a profit with the price changes of an asset without owning it by creating a futures contract. These types of futures contracts have no due date. Users can keep their contracts open for as long as they want and multiply their profit using leverage.
One of the biggest nightmares of traders is Liquidation. In Acrux, after Liquidation, users can borrow up to 4 times without funds, depending on their trading history.
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Futures Trading