ACR is the main token of the ACRUX ecosystem. Payment of LP, Yield Farming and Staking profits is done with ACR.
Ticker: ACR
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total supply: 2,000,000,000 (fixed for the first two years)
ACR Token Distribution

ACU Token

The ACU token is a stablecoin with a fixed price of one dollar. To keep the ACU price constant, the backup fund mechanism (total backup fund and ACU backup fund) along with the algorithm is used. The Total Backup Fund is made of various assets that its assets are added on a regular basis and acts as the backup fund of the ACU. ACU backup fund consists of two parts: 60% of stablecoins and 40% of market valuable currencies (percentages are variable). The algorithm is also used to prevent market fluctuations and focus on the price stabilization. ACU is an in-system token and can currently be traded within the ACRUX ecosystem.

ACX Token

ACX token is the governance token of ACRUX which the total Supply is 20,000 coins. The amount of the first year supply is 1000 coins, of which 700 coins are allocated as a reward to Private sale and ICO buyers (Refer to Private sale, ICO & IDO) and its 300 coins are set for ecosystem users. Each year, 25% is added to the previous year's supply and given to the ecosystem. The price of ACX is estimated at $100,000, which is not for sale for the first two years after launching the site. Users can earn an ACX token by getting 1000 points (Refer to scoring) and profit from its features. It is notable that due to the limited supply of ACX per year, users who reach 1000 points sooner, will be awarded an ACX.
Benefits of ACX Owners
- Voting (Refer to Governance)
- 0.02% of Trading Fees
- 0.05% of the interest rate on staking and farming loans
- One ticket in all daily lotteries
- Increase APR up to 25% in Yield Farming or Staking*
- Increase in leverage up to 4x for Yield Farming or Staking *
*It can be used once a year for each wallet or person, it does not increase
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ACU Token
ACX Token